P90X Complete Fitness Guide

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P90X Complete Fitness Guide

Post by Coffee on Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:28 am

P90X Complete Fitness Guide
HK G&G Int. | 2007 | ISBN: n/a | 49 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

This program is for YOU, if you have achieved а respectable level of fitness. This guidebook is required reading. This is a vital tool thai will outline the safest and most accurate pain for you to succeed in this program. And you won't just be reading it; you'll be using it to give your journey direction and guidance every stop of the way. Just be sure to put it down when you're actually doing the exercises.

Whether you participate in athletic activities, work a physically demanding job, or have previously completed an exercise program this program is the perfect tool to quickly build on your fitness accomplishments.

P90X Nutrition guide
Beach Body | 2007 | ISBN: n/a | 56 pages | PDF | 15 Mb

Nutrition and diet expert Carrie Wiatt, creator of the P90X Nutrition Plan, has developed an individualized approach to healthy eating that has made her a leading Lifestyle educator in her work as an author, consultant, media personality, and chef.

At Diet Designsh, her Los AngeLes-basend nutrition company, Carrie combines fresh, upscate cuisine with low-fat preparation, portion control, and personalized counseling. After years of practice, Carrie compiled her proven techniques in her first book, Eating by Design: The Individualized Food Personality Type Nutrition Plan. Her second successful book, Portion Savvy, presents a 30-day plan for controlled eating and food management. Wiatt's ability to bridge the gap between science and food circles has made her a sought-after media expert on healthy living.

Because P90X is structured to challenge your body through 3 phases, this plan is designed to change right along with your workout schedule. Its 3-phase system works in tandem with the P90X routines, providing the right combination of foods to satisfy your body's energy needs every step of the way, with no unhealthy gimmicks.


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