Doraemon Movie1980-2010

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Doraemon Movie1980-2010

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Chinese name: Doraemon Movie1980-2010
English name: The Doraemon Movies 1980-2010
Resource Format: DVDRip
Version: [Cantonese+Mandarin+Japanese+The word]
Released: 1980Years
Director: Fortunately, on behalf of the Temple
Voice actor: Forest preservation-Ding Dong
Lu Sujuan-Nobita
Sun Mingzhen-Providence(Late:Liang Shaoxia)
Philip KWOK-Giambi(Late:Chen Zhuozhi)
Feng-Ying Huang-Fu
Lin Yuanchun-Ding ling
District Ruihua-Nobita mother
Region: China,Hong Kong,Japan
Language: Mandarin,Cantonese,Japanese
For some years issued in Hong Kong did not, so far there are only a very small part of the Mandarin and Japanese.

(1980) Nobita's fearLong

(1981) Explore the universeHistory

(1982) Big Magic Land

(1983) Ghost Rock Harbour

(1984) Devil big riskInsurance

(1985) Small wars universeFight (No Cantonese)

(1986) Iron SoldiersMission

(1987) Riding the DragonDisabilities

(1988) Parallel JourneyRemember

(1989) Japanese FestivalHealth

(1990) Animal LineStar

(1991) NightsTan

(1992) Cloud KingState

(1993) Platinum fansPalace

(1994) Fantasy swordsDisabilities

(1995) Creation DateRemember(No Cantonese)

(1996) Ultra Galaxy Express (No Cantonese)

(1997) Clockwork City Adventure(No Cantonese)

(1998) Great to take the South China SeaInsurance

(1999) Rafting the UniverseRemember

(2000) King Chuan SunSaid

(2001) Yong wingWho

(2002) Robot KingState

(2003) Incredible the windWho

(2004) Space cats and dogsPass

(2006) Nobita's Dinosaur2006

(2007) Devil take the new bigInsurance

(2008) Green GiantPass

(2010) Mermaid seaWar

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