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Cheesecakes by Maxine Clark
Ryland Peters & Small | 2003 | ISBN: 1841724882 | English | 64 pages | PDF | 11.40 Mb
Delectable for dessert, excellent with espresso, tantalizing with tea-that's cheesecake. Easy to make and delicious to eat, Maxine Clark's cheesecake recipes will quickly become favorites at your table. Making the bases is child's play Maxine's way. From bases made with crackers or chocolate to nut cookies or the world's most delicious Shortcrust Pastry Dough for baked cheesecakes. Her Oven Baked Cheesecakes include the legendary New York Cheesecake and irresistible Marble Cheesecake with two kinds of chocolate.

Quick and Easy Cheesecakes shows that you don't even have to bake cheesecake - just let them set in the refrigerator. Just add incredible fillings to an easy cookie or cracker base incredible and the result is great goodies like Banana Caramel Cheesecake or Chocolate Macaroon Truffle Cheesecake, all temptingly photographed by award-winning photographer Martin Brigdale. Melting Chocolate Sauce and Sweet Strawberry Sauce are just a few of the Sauces that help you gild the lily. Maxine Clark is an inspired cheesecake maker-can anyone resist the temptation? If you love cheesecake, this is the book for you!


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